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Daniel is proficent in the Adobe Creative Suite. He has spent years editing in Premiere Pro, including his documentaries Trials and This is How We Roll. He is also proficient in Photoshop allowing him to create custom graphics and animation on the spot. Below are samples of some of his past editing work.

This video was shot and edited by Daniel for Real Estate Investment company Neighborhood Ventures. Their vision was to create a video explaining the background of one of the founders. The video was edited to be fast pace with plenty of graphics in order to help tell the story in an fun, interesting way.

Post Production

This video was created to help explain an option for investment for Neighborhood Ventures. Keeping it up beat with movement was the goal for this video as well as being informative.

This video is a Hype video for the Alabama Wheelchair Basketball teams. It was edited from a series of found footage. All the elements were actually created with a different intent, but through cleaver editing, this video came about.